Tourism Economic, Cultural and Social Benefits

Economic Benefits:


.Tourism generates local employment, both directly in the tourism

sector and in various support and resourcesm anagemenst ectors.


.Tourism stimulates profitable domestic industries -hotels and

other lodging facilities, restaurants and other food services,

transportation systems, handicrafts, and guide services.


.Tourism generates foreign exchange for the country and injects

capital and new money into the local economy.


.Tourism diversifies the local economy, particularly in rural areas

where agricultural employment may be sporadic or insufficient.


.Increased tax revenues from tourists can be reaped if a local sales

tax is added to the provincial and federal taxes already in place.


.Employment opportunities will be created in the business

communities due to the influx of tourists who will need goods

and services.


.Increased entrepreneurial opportunities will provide goods and

services not already available in the community and create new

tourist products.


.Improved road systems and infrastructure can be financed through

tourism attractions.




 Cultural Benefits:


.Tourism can enhancel ocal cultural awarenessb, ut eventually might

distort it.


.Tourism can generate income to help pay for preservation of

archaeological sites, historic buildings, and districts.


.Despite many criticisms about alteration of cultures to unacceptable

levels, the sharing of cultural knowledge and experience can be

beneficial for both the hosts and the guests at tourist destinations,

and could result in the revival of local traditions and crafts.



Social Benefits:


The quality of life of a community can be enhanced by economic

diversification through tourism, following the principles of sustainable



.Tourism creates recreational and cultural facilities that can be

used by local communities as well as domestic and international



.Public spaces may be developed and enhanced through tourism



.Tourism enhances local community esteem and provides the

opportunity for greater understanding and communication among

peoples of diverse backgrounds.




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